Thursday, June 28, 2007

Retired General Tells House Committee Bubble-Boy's "Surge", aka Escalation, Isn't Working

Retired U.S. Army General John Batiste told the House Foreign Relations Committee that Bush's so called "surge", aka escalation, isn't working. In written testimony to the Committee Batiste said: The [Bush] administration drove this nation to war without the military planning and capability required to be successful in this kind of war.

Not surprisingly Congressman Dan Burton, (R-IN), decided that he knew more about military matters than a retired three-star general as he argued with Batiste at the hearing. You might remember Dan Burton. He is the Republican Congressman who chaired the House Government Operations Committee and devoted his time to investigating the Clinton Administration, including a time when he conducted his own shooting experiments to show that Vince Foster didn't commit suicide and was actually murdered.

Here is a video clip of General Batiste's oral testimony to the House Committee:

If you click on the link in this entry's title, you can read a story from Defense News about the hearing and the General's testimony.

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