Friday, June 29, 2007

How Right Wing Nut Jobs Use Alleged MSM Concern Over "Fairness"

If you click here you can see David Gregory of NBC News talking with Elizabeth Edwards about Ann Coulter. Note that he believes that if you just "strip-away her inflammatory" language, you can take her seriously. This is what members of the mainsream media do, they pretend that these right-wing nut jobs are actually serious observers making serious observations about society. They aren't and of course, the problem is that you can't overlook her language, because that is what Ann Coulter is all about. She just doesn't say this hateful things because they help her get attention and sell books, no, she says them because she believes them.

Gregory reminds me of the people in Germany who thought that Hitler didn't mean what he wrote in Mein Kampf. You know, the kind who thought, "Adolf's language is a little extreme, but underneath all his anti-semitic utterings, he is making a serious point about Germany and our future."

When Ann Coulter says things like, "The next time I will just call for Edwards to be assisanted", she really means it. She would have no problem with some nut job killing John Edwards. Unlike David Gregory we don't conscend to Ann Coulter, we take her at her word.

This is how the mainstream media gets sucked into taking hatemongers like Coulter seriously. They think that because they are on television and because a lot of other nutjobs purchase her books, she must have something serious to say. Well, the problem is, as John Edwards pointed out to Chris Matthews on Hardball, is that America has always had hatemongers and probably always will.

In this interview with Mathews, Edwards points out that when he was growing up in North Carolina during the civil rights revolution in the South, there were nutjobs all around making vile, personal attacks on people. In the 1950s and 1960s there used to be billboards with the message "Impeach Earl Warren" all across the South. Can you imagine any reporter from NBC taking the head of the John Birch seriously, or the head of the White Citizens Council seriously during the 1960s?

Yet, because Coulter sells books and appears on television David Gregory thinks that she is a serious thinker. Well, by that standard, the cartoon characters from South Park or the Simpsons should be considered serious thinkers as well, at least according to the David Gregory standard.

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