Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Mitt Romney Strapped Dog to Roof of Family Car, Dog Crapped Over Car

Okay, so this is not a dog bites man story, but still it is instructive on so many levels. According to the story linked to in the Boston Globe Mitt Romney was once taking his family on a vacation from Boston to Ontario for the summer. He put his children and wife in the car and then strapped his dog to the roof in a carrier for which he has constructed a windshield. Apparently the dog had to go after several hours and crapped down the back of the car. Good ol' Mitt pulls into a gas station, hoses down the car and dog, and then puts the dog back in the rooftop carrier.

If you want to know something about a person, check out the way they treat people who have to serve them and the way they treat animals. If a person is rude to a waitress, or to an employee, someone who can't really fight back, or if they are mean or cruel to animals, then that person is an inconsiderate jerk. We think that Mitt certainly fits the description.

Of course, we may be overly sensitive. After all we have been told by the media for the last six years or so that the "cute" nicknames that Bush gives his friends shows his affection for them. Names like "Turdblossom" for Karl Rove and "Fredo" for Alberto Gonzales. Personally, if one of our friends called us "Turdblossom" we would be reconsidering our relationship with that person. But, hey, that's just us. Maybe Karl Rove likes to be referred to a flowering piece of human waste. Come to think of it, maybe Bush has the right idea after all.

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