Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Now GOP Senators Want Bi-Partisan Approach to Iraq

This is interesting: a group of Republican Senators are calling on the Bush Administration to adopt the Baker-Hamiliton Committee recommendations as the official policy of the United States. Why? Because they realize that Bubble-Boy's war jeopardizes the GOP in the 2008 election. This is a quote from the article:

But Bush's insistence that he decide when to take the next step in Iraq is unlikely to sit well with many Republicans. According to GOP aides, the goal for many members is to step out ahead of Bush in calling for change and prove to voters they are not in lockstep with his politically unpopular policies. They also want to ensure combat missions wind down by next spring, as members head into the 2008 elections.

This concern is why Bush enablers such as Senators Gregg of New Hampshire, Collins and Snowe of Maine, and Alexander of Tennessee are pushing this idea. They want to put some distance between themselves and BB on the war. The fact that over 3400 American soldiers have died in this war doesn't mean as much to them as saving their own political hides.

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