Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Political Reporters: They Only Talk the Talk & are Afraid to Walk the Walk

If you click on the link in this entry's title, you can read the cynical writings of some idiot named Tom Watson who is just soooo bored with covering presidential debates. This is a sample of this guy's writing:
Ah, the Democrats. So much promise, and yet they remain Democrats, at heart—and therefore perfectly capable of blowing the historic opportunity before them.

Now, here is the point this jerk is missing: unlike himself every one of those candidates, Gravel included, are putting themselves on the line in front of millions of their fellow Americans. Unlike this guy, they are willing to walk the walk instead of just talk the talk. Maybe, just maybe, someone who is not willing to put themselves in that position should have some respect for those who do. Maybe, just maybe, this idiot should drop this pose of above-the-battle, world-weariness, and get on the field.

Look, we not saying that everyone has to run for office who is interested in politics. What we are saying is that if you are interested in politics and don't have the stomach to put yourself out there as a candidate, at least be aware of the fact that those who do are different from you. Not necessarily better, but different and that difference is essential for a democracy.

Reporters who cover politics are like sports writers: they love a game that they know they can't really play. It does strange things to your head. That's why they love Bush so much. They can tell themselves that he had advantages they didn't have and they can still feel superior to him.

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