Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Republicans Are Trying To Flee From Bush, We Shouldn't Let Them

This article from Huffington Post about the Republican Presidential debate in New Hampshire shows how Republicans running for president are trying to run from Bush. The reason why is pretty obvious given his low poll numbers, a war that seemingly has no end, and an immigration debate that is dividing the Republican Party's social conservative and business wings.

For Democrats this is fun to watch, but we shouldn't be blind to what they are trying to do. These same candidates were singing Bush's praises just a couple of years ago and bitterly attacking his Democratic opponents. Somewhere there must be a lot of clips of these candidates supporting Bush and his war. Democrats should make a concerted effort to locate these video clips and get them aired on sites like You Tube. Don't let them run away from Bush. Make sure they have to live with their former support.

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