Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Laura Bush on Iraq: "No one suffers more than I do or the President"

If you click on the link in this entry's title you can look at a video clip of First Lady Laura Bush telling Ann Curry of NBC's Today show that no one in America suffers more about Iraq than her and the President. Now here's the question: does this woman really believe the bs she is putting out? Does she really believe that she and her husband suffer more than the parents of the American military personnel killed in Iraq? Does she really believe that she suffers more than the parents of the wounded? How about the spouses and children of the dead? How about their brothers and sisters? Does she really think that she suffers more than they do over Iraq?

There are two possibilities about her comments. One is that she realizes that she was just mouthing platitudes and that she didn't really expect anyone to believe what she was saying. The other is that she is totally delusional and believes her and her husband are suffering just as much as those who have lost someone they love in Iraq or seen them come home wounded. Given those two bad choices, we hope that it is the first, because if it is the second, then the Bush family really is delusional about what is happening in Iraq.

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