Sunday, April 29, 2007

Cleveland PD Articles on Lawsuit Over Strickland's Veto

On Tuesday, May 1, the Ohio Supreme Court will hear the lawsuit involving Gov. Strickland's veto of the bill that Taft refused to sign and that capped punitive damages in consumer cases. Cleveland Plain Dealer Business columnist Sheryl Harris has a good article about this case in Sunday's Plain Dealer. You can read her story here. She had a recap of the bill's legal history here. Here she explains who is backing the Governor and who is backing the General Assembly. In this sidebar she sets forth the text from the Ohio Constitution that is at the center of the dispute.

If you are looking for a good explanation of what is involved in this lawsuit and why it is important these stories are ideal. What is most interesting is the groups backing the two sides in this lawsuit, Secretary of State Brunner and the Ohio General Assembly.

Groups backing the GOP led General Assembly include the following:
Ohio Automobile Dealers Association
Ohio Business Roundtable
Ohio Chamber of Commerce
Ohio Chemistry Technology Council
Ohio Council of Retail Merchants
Ohio Manufacturers' Association

Groups backing Ohio Secretary of State Brunner include the following:
Advocates for Basic Legal Equality and Legal Aid of Western Ohio
Cleveland Tenants Organization
Coalition on Homelessness and Housing
Cuyahoga County Foreclosure Prevention Program
Equal Justice Foundation
Gov. Ted Strickland
Ohio State Legal Services Association
Legal Aid Society of Cleveland
Legal Aid Society of Columbus
Miami Valley Fair Housing Center
National Association of Consumer Advocates
Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless
Toledo Fair Housing Center
18 constitutional law professors from state and private colleges

We will leave it to you to decide which groups represent the interests of Ohio consumers and ordinary citizens.

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