Sunday, December 31, 2006

Republican Iraq War Supporter Who Won Close Election Changes Her Tune

Rep. Heather Wilson, (R-NM), described by the Albuquerque Journal as initially a "staunch supporter" of the war, is now telling New Mexico reporters that she is opposed to increasing the number of American troops in Iraq and, in fact, believes that withdrawing troops might "serve United States interests better" but does not "favor a complete troop withdrawal."

Wilson was high on the House Democrats' target list in 2006. She comes from a district that Kerry carried in 2004, but one that she manages to win. She apparently has decided that losing her seat over George W. Bush's war is not what she has in mind for her political career. According to the Journal's article she is not alone in her decision to oppose Iraqi troop escalation since only one member of New Mexico's five member delegation supports troop escalation.

Wilson called for a re-thinking of American policy regarding Iraq. In what might be a considerable understatement she said that the US seems to "lack focus" on what it is trying to accomplish. She described the establishment of a democratic Iraqi government as an "aspiration" but not something that is vital to American national security.

Wilson is a Air Force Academy graduate and a former National Security Council aide. If she has decided to bail on Bubble-Boy's Iraqi adventure, can other Republicans, especially ones from swing districts be far behind?
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