Sunday, December 17, 2006

Colin Powell Comes Out Against Sending More Troops to Iraq

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell came out against sending more troops into Iraq. Let's see, Powell former Secretary of State, retired Chair of the Joint Chief of Staffs, West Point graduate, and Vietnam War veteran is against sending more troops. Dick Cheney, the man whose advice got us into this mess, is for sending more troops. Whose advice would you take? Well, if you are "bubble boy" you follow Cheney's advice because that way you look "tough" and "strong" and not "weak". Of course, it isn't your children who are going to die in Iraq and it isn't your family that is going to live in fear of a visit telling you that your son/daughter/father/mother/sister/brother has died. It is so easy for this President to be "tough" with the children of other parents. (You can read more about Powell's comments here:

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