Sunday, December 24, 2006

Bush Wants 10 Billion for Iraqi Jobs

According to this report in the London Times, (,,2089-2517659,00.html ) the Bush Administration is seeking up to 10 billion additional dollars to provide Iraqis with jobs. These jobs would be created by rebuilding the Iraqi infrastructure. Gingrich, who is advocating this plan, calls for a cross between the Marshall Plan and the New Deal for Iraqis. According to Gingrich, the plan is to "mop up" every unemployed Iraqi and give them a job.

Do you think that anyone in the media will get the irony of this? Here we have a conservative Republican, who would never call for such a plan in the United States, urging a plan that he describes as a cross between two plans associated with liberal Democratic presidents. And he is doing all of this with a straight face.

Well, here is a question for Mr. Gingrich and the Bush Administration: why are Iraqis more worthy than unemployed Americans? Why is such a plan a good idea for Iraqis but not for Americans? Are unemployed Americans not good enough for their own government to help?

The only job plan this administration has for unemployed young people in America is to have them join the military so they can risk their lives, apparently to protect American companies while they provide jobs for Iraqis. Democrats need to start asking why we can spend American tax dollars to provide unemployed Iraqis with jobs, but not unemployed Americans. Watching Republicans try and explain the difference would illustrate the difference between us and them.
It would illustrate the difference between a political party that wants to help Americans and a political party that doesn't.


Anonymous said...

It's beyond belief, really.

You can't make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

No, we can't. It is, as a friend of mine in college used to say, "A sad but true."