Sunday, December 10, 2006

Is the Bush Clan Turning on Karl Rove?

According to this item in the US News & World Report, the Bushies are really upset with Karl Rove's performance in the mid-term elections. Apparently bubble-boy believed King Karl when he promised that the GOP would hold the House and Senate. Now, since it didn't, the Bushies have to blame someone and it looks like the scapegoat is going to be Rove. All of this shouldn't surprise anyone. The vaunted loyalty of the the Bush family only goes one way. As soon as you are no longer useful to them, over the side you go. Look at the treatment of Rumsfeld, the former Treasurer Secretary O'Neill, Colin Powell, and anyone else who was loyal to the Bush family, but didn't practice self-delusion when it came to George W's mess in Iraq. Their reputations were attacked, their abilities belittled, and their loyalty repaid with treachery. Why? Because bubble-boy, aka our President, can't stand to hear the truth. Anyway, here is the article:

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