Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ford Disagreed with Bush on Iraq

Bob Woodward has a story posted on MSNBC's website that quotes Ford from an interview in July of 2004 disagreeing with Bush on the decision to invade Iraq. He told Woodward that the interview could only be published after his death, although he did not specify any waiting period after his death before the article could be published. The story can be read here:

We have this theory that George W. Bush was pushed for the presidency by people who wanted to make Ford and George H.W. Bush look better by comparison. Think about it for a minute. Who wouldn't have taken Ford, Nixon pardon and all, or take his father, awkward syntax and all, over "Bubble-Boy" and his Boy Genius, Rove. After all, Cheney and Rumsfeld served both Ford and BB's father. What better way to improve the historical standing of Ford and Bush I than by getting Bush to start a war with Iraq. Far-fetched, you say? Well, it makes as much sense as going into Iraq to get rid of non-existent weapons of mass destruction.

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