Friday, December 29, 2006

Lieberman, Bush, and Iraq

In a column about the need for escalating the number of American troops in Iraq, Joe Lieberman cannot bring himself to blame Bush for the insufficient number of troops in Iraq.(Lieberman article can be linked to by hitting the arrow next to title of this post) In the article the following quote appears: "In nearly four years of war, there have never been sufficient troops dispatched to accomplish our vital mission." Note that nowhere in his article, does Lieberman point out who is responsible for not putting enough troops into Iraq. Well, here is a clue, it wasn't those people who opposed the war, and it wasn't the Democratic Party and its elected officials, it was the administration of George W. Bush.

This is a small example of why Joe Lieberman drives Democrats crazy. He was so moralistic about Bill Clinton lying about oral sex, but he is not nearly as worked up about George W. Bush getting us into a war under false pretenses. He can't bring himself, even now, after the incompetence of this administration has been shown time and time again, and after he has safely won re-election to criticize Bush like he criticized Clinton. This is what we would like to see one those insufferable talking heads like Tim Russert ask Liebrman: "Senator do you consider George W. Bush's mistakes in Iraq worse than Clinton's behavior with Monica Lewinsky?" We think the answer would be extremely interesting.

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