Tuesday, August 05, 2008

NYT Charts States Going Blue

The chart above was prepared from figures contained in a New York Times article. The article was about the changes in party registeration since the 2004 election. During that time, according to the NYT, more than half of the 29 states that allow registration by party had an increase in the number of Democrats. The top seven are shown in the chart.

This is a quote from the article:

In several states, including the traditional battlegrounds of Nevada and Iowa, Democrats have surprised their own party officials with significant gains in registration. In both of those states, there are now more registered Democrats than Republicans, a flip from 2004. No states have switched to the Republicans over the same period, according to data from 26 of the 29 states in which voters register by party. (Three of the states did not have complete data.)

In six states, including Iowa, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, the Democratic piece of the registration pie grew more than three percentage points, while the Republican share declined. In only three states — Kentucky, Louisiana and Oklahoma — did Republican registration rise while Democratic registration fell, but the Republican increase was less than a percentage point in Kentucky and Oklahoma. Louisiana was the only state to register a gain of more than one percentage point for Republicans as Democratic numbers declined.

You can read the Times article here.

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