Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Clinton: "No Way. No How. No McCain"

Hillary Clinton made a great speech last night. Here's Senator Clinton's speech in its entirety.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful...absolutely wonderful. Whoooosh..."wiping the sweat from my brow". I was worried for what she was going to say. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have bitten my tongue all day long. Here goes. I also wrote the 1st comment as well.
Last night's verbal gyrations by Hillary Clinton at the Democratic convention and occasional mentions of unity with Obama and mostly stories about herself and what she stands for and has accomplished, did nothing to unify the Democratic Party against the Republicans. Shame on her and all of her supporters---for they are willing to sacrifice the Party for a genuine Republican victory. It simply shows that many members of the Democratic Party are selfishly immature and infantile. For one, she didn't even give any kind of acknowledgment towards Michelle Obama's plain description of her husband in making it very clear what he stands for. Michelle's speech was one of the highlights of the Convention.