Sunday, August 10, 2008

If Republicans Want to Talk About John Edwards Affair , Then Let's Bring it On

If Republicans want to talk about the John Edwards affair with Rielle Hunter, then we should tell them, "Bring it on!" It would be a great way to get information about how John McCain treated his first wife into the public domain. Let's go over the comparisons:

1. Both McCain and Edwards were married.
2. Both of their wives had serious illnesses or injuries. McCain's ex-wife was recovering from a bad car accident and was permanently disfigured when he took up with Cindy McCain. Elizabeth Edwards had been treated for breast cancer.
3. Both of them took up with much younger women.
4. Both of them had children by the wives against whom they committed adultery.

Now, of course, there are some differences:

1. Rielle Hunter was not a wealthy heirness, Cindy McCain was wealthy.
2. Edwards was wealthy when he got involved with Hunter, John McCain was not weathy when he got involved with Cindy McCain.
3. Edwards didn't leave his wife for Rielle Hunter, John McCain did leave his ex-wife for Cindy McCain.
4. Edwards never used Hunter's money to run for public office, while McCain did use Cindy McCain's money to run for public office.

Now, of course, Republicans may want to argue that John McCain did not father any children with Cindy McCain until after they were married. Well, so far at least, there is no direct evidence that John Edwards fathered any children with Rielle Hunter. No father is listed on the birth certificate; another man claims to be the father; Hunter has never said who she believes the father to be; and there is no DNA evidence, ie, no "blue dress", that would prove Edwards is the father.

Now, are we advocating that Democrats start such conversations? No, because we aren't crazy about this whole idea that the private lives of politicians should be the subject of public discussion. What we are saying, though, is that if Republicans want to start such conversations, then we should finish them by pointing out the similarities and the differences between John McCain and John Edwards. Our guess is that astute Republicans aren't going to want to have that conversation.


Anonymous said...

I don't recall McCain have any affairs while telling the public about the importance of family life and good morals. I do recall John Edwards doing all that and much much more.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I see. The problem isn't the behavior, the problem, in your mind, is the hypocrisy. So it was okay for McCain to leave his injured wife for a rich, beautiful, young heiress, whose family forture he used to fund his political campaigns, because he didn't talk about it? Your comments are just so much Republican bullshit.

Danny Vice said...

Gitmo which is horrendously old news will likely get more news coverage over the next two years than the Edwards story will, because leftists would rather attack their own country over and over and over and over than make a single one of their own accountable for anything.

Liberals will be in downplay mode, eager to get back to trashing their own country - saying:

“Poor Edwards’ family. They must really be hurting right now. Now let’s get back to talking about how horrible America is...and how Conservatives are to blame – never minding the fact that liberals have been in control of congress for how long?.”

That is the difference….

When a conservative messes up, other conservatives pressure the idiot out of whatever office they hold or hope to hold. Conservatives don’t start making excuses, yipping again about 6 year old stories designed to announce to the world how much they hate their country.

When a liberal lies, cheats, pays off a mistress and insults others in the process – well then liberals immediately go into all the reasons why it’s no big deal.

Well here’s a news flash for the baby wild eyed, protest giddy leftist who seems to think this isn’t a big deal….. this story is not going away in a week.. or two… or three….Why?

Because Edwards is STILL lying about half the story… Just like a typical liberal, he lies even when he “supposedly” is coming clean. Of course Clinton really said it best – it all depends on what the definition of “is” is…… liberals never change…

Danny Vice

Anonymous said...

You really can't be serious that there's nothing wrong here, and its all between John and Elizabeth and whatshername. The playing around isn't the problem. The lying is a problem. And how has Mr. Edwards paid for this little extracurricular activity? I would be very unhappy if it turned out that campaign money went to pay his girl friend's living expenses. Since you, like the New York Times seem to be terminally incurious,let me spell it out:

Follow. The. Money.

If this guy's been spending campaign funds for his paramour, it may be illegal. Don't you suppose we should find out?

Team Member said...

Danny Vice and the other Republican posting on this entry don't get it, so I will spell it out for them. Talking about John Edwards will eventually lead to people having to talk about the whole John McCain/Cindy McCain affair.

You know, how he left his first wife after she had been horribly injured in a automobile accident. How he took up with a 25 year old heiress. How he then divorces his first wife and marries the heiress and uses his money to run for political office. How he has eight houses, wears $500.00 shoes, and typically has about $130,000 on credit card balances.

Now let's compare him to Barack Obama. One wife. No affair. Didn't marry for money. Has't left his children.

Actually, I rather like the comparison, don't you??

Anonymous said...

I think what Sen. Edwards has done to his wife is absolutely sinful and horrific. This is between he, his wife, their children and God. This is not a political issue. HE is not in the running for President (Thank God) but only Barack and Old man McCain are. Lets keep our issues focused here. The party does not make the man. The man makes the man. To use the fact that he is a democrat is a weak excuse for his behaviour.
Senator Edwards...I always knew you were are right up there with McCain. Two peas in a pod. AGAIN...THE PARTY DOES NOT MAKE WHO WE ARE BUT ONLY OUR INDIVIDUAL SELVES.