Friday, January 12, 2007

Sacrifice Increases for Army Reserve & National Guard

The U.S. Army is increasing the time that a Army Reserves or National Guard may be called for service in either Iraq or Afghanistan. In the past the Army had a policy that the Reserve and Guard could not be called for duty in Afghanistan or Iraq for more than 24 cumulative months. The new policy is that they may not be called for duty for more than 24 consecutive months, but there is no limit on the total amount of time they may be called. The Pentagon spokesperson said, however, that the Pentagon wants to limit deployments to 12 consecutive months. (Click on the entry's title to read the whole article.)

Let's see: Bush won't tax the rich to pay for his war, he won't call upon his supporters to join the Army to fight the war, but he will extend the amount of time that citizen-soldiers are ordered to fight in the war. Yep, that's Bubble-Boy's idea of shared sacrifice.


tgyse said...

For years these folks collected $$$ without sacrificing.
They are now the scapegoats.

Infox said...

Yeah, I agree about Bush & his "no taxing the big business", and other issues, but as Andy Rooney stated the other night, we have to look at who we have accepted & promoted in the Army Reserves & other branches also.... I am not saying everyone or even a huge percentage of the men/women in the armed forces are included in his category of below average Americans, but when you have people such as this that go on a training mission & just get drunk the whole time , then it may be a reflection of another reason we are losing, or atleast not winning, the war. As Andy Rooney stated on 60 minutes, He never thought he would say it, but people like this is why the next time we need anything done we should have a draft, so atleast we will have average Americans there. There are some great American's & heroes fighting in Iraq right now, but it is sad that there are those that take advantage of the system & disrespect them by setting a terrible example in a position of authority, as well as doing many other things that are against the policies.