Monday, January 29, 2007

Hillary Clinton Drives the Washington Media Nuts

First of all, let us make the following observation: this entry is not an endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. MCDAC does not endorse candidates in primaries, including presidential primaries. That being said, however, we're going to tell you that we like the fact that Hillary Clinton being elected would drive pundits like David Broder nuts. Why? Because the Clintons don't care if the pundits in D.C. like them. They don't care if Republicans like them. They don't care if they're liked at all, they just care about winning. They are single-minded about winning. They will do what it takes to win, and they don't apologize for being that way either.

David Broder wrote this column criticizing Hillary Clinton for not asking one question of General Petraeus when he appeared before the Senate Armed Service Committee for his confirmation hearing. He contrasted her lack of questions with McCain's asking 14 questions. Now, we don't know if Clinton should have asked questions. We can understand why she chose to use her time to basically make a campaign speech, and we can also understand why Broder wants Senators to ask questions. But here is the point: Hillary Clinton won't worry for one minute what David Broder thinks about what she should have done at that hearing. Not one minute, and that is what drives the media crazy about the Clintons. If Hillary Clinton is elected it will be fun to watch the heads of Republicans and national pundits figuratively explode.

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