Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Republican County Treasurer vs. Republican County Commissioners

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reported on Wednesday that earlier this week Republican Medina County Treasurer John Burke sent a letter to the three Republican Medina County Commissioners demanding that they personally help reimburse his office for a missing tax payment. (The story can be viewed by clicking on the arrow next to this entry's title.)

In 2006 approximately $1,000.00 that was received as a tax payment was found to be missing from the County Treasurer's office. Employees of the Treasurer's office made up the missing money from personal funds. In the letter Burke claimed that the missing payment was the result of the Medina County Commissioners not providing him with adequate computer software and equipment. He therefore suggested that the County Commissioners each contribute $12.00, which was the same amount contributed by each of his employees. The Commissioners are refusing this request.

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Anonymous said...

John Burke? Personal bankruptcy, tax bill delay forcing Cloverleaf to borrow money, trips to Hawaii? Losing $1,000 is the least of his problems. Whatever happened to the $494,000 of the library's money he miswired to a boot company in Texas? Time to vote this guy out!