Sunday, January 21, 2007

Reader Submission: Some in GOP Consider Voters to be "Mob"

There is a revealing term being used in the editorial pages and partisan political chatter that, I think, unjustly criticizes our great Democracy. Some members of the Republican minority have been calling the majority of voters from the last election, well, a Mob, and. I think the use of the term is more that the petulant name-calling of poor losers.

When I think of a Mob, I imagine the powerful end of the Boris Karloff movie, Frankenstein. The scene where the villagers storm the castle with torches and pitchforks held aloft is what pops into my mind’s eye when I hear the word.

I expect the Republican mouthpieces might be afraid of that end for their Dr. Frankenstein, George W. Bush and his creation, The Iraq War. Of course, it won’t be pitchforks and torches that oust them; it will be the media, and polls and honest voting booths that remove our monsters from our castle.

Remember, we put the monsters in the castle and we will take them out the same way – nonviolently and systemically. I am optimistic. 70% of us understand the nature of this monster. Congress is aware that we understand, and consequently will do its job and represent the will of the people – like they always do - eventually.

Each of us can and should work to end this madness sooner. You can help. Put away your pitchfork and torch and pick up a pen and contact your Congressperson and both Senators and encourage them all to ask the hard questions and to demand honest answers from the creators of this Monstrous War.

After all, the Castle is ours and it is not just our right to take it back; it is our responsibility.

John Galish.

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