Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Another Reason Why Sherrod Wins: People Like Him

We recently received this email message from a Wadsworth Democrat about meeting U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown in Washington:

I have been appointed as an FPC (Federal Political Coordinator) for the National Association of Realtors. I was in Washington DC the Jan 9-11th for training and called Sherrod Browns office to ask if he had any time to see me while I was there. His office scheduled me for a visit on Thursday the 11th for about a 10 minutes. I knew with this being a new year and his first tour as Senator his schedule would be packed. I arrived at Sherrod's office about 15 minutes early and was told that Sherrod was on the Senate floor and would be back in about 15-20 minutes. Sherrod´s Assistant Diana then came out to tell me that Sherrod was running late on the Senate floor and to please bring me over there to meet with him. WOW, how impressed and honored I was that she took me on the train underneath the Capitol and up to the Senate floor where he was voting. Sherrod came off the Senate floor to spend some time with me and give me a quick tour of the area where the voting was all done.

He was so very thankful for the Meet and Greet we had here in Wadsworth at the Masonic Temple the end of October. He asked me to please tell everyone at the Medina Democratic Headquarters HELLO and to THANK everyone here for all of the support he received. Sherrod said he never imagined such a large crowd would show up for him in Wadsworth!!

That was the highlight of my day!! Just had to share my experience!!

Marti Hallstrom

Marti's experience is typical of how Sherrod Brown treats people. He genuinely likes people and people like him because they recognize that he is sincerely interested in them. This is a little commented on, but very important character trait for politicians to possess. In the final analysis people aren't going to volunteer to do the grunt work of campaigns if they don't like you.

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