Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More on Medina County Election Results

A lot of people who have recently moved into Medina County or recently got involved in politics may be wondering why so many long time Medina County Democrats were so excited by last Tuesday's results. Here's why: Prior to last Tuesday's elections, it had been 20 years since a Democratic nominee for President or Governor carried Medina County The last candidate to do so was Dick Celeste in 1986. It had been 14 years since a Democratic nominee for Senator last carried Medina county. Prior to Sherrod Brown, the last Senatorial candidate to do so was John Glenn in 1992. What makes the results of last week's victory in Medina County by both Strickland and Brown more impressive was that neither was running as an incumbent. As one long time Medina County Democrat said this past week: "I haven't felt so good the day after an election since 1986".


Anonymous said...

Ted Strickland Has the Power
Ohio is soon to embark on a great era. Ted Strickland has a mandate from the people of Ohio to fix the educational funding system. The Ohio House and Senate do not have enough votes to override a veto. Ted Strickland has 4 years in office as compared to 2 of the Republicans who will be obstructionists. Ted needs to remind themof that each and every day. If the Republicans do not work with the Governor than 2 years from now the Ohio House and Senate have a great chance of also being blue. The first time the Republicans ask for anything for charter schools Strickland should (1) demand the Republicans approve sales tax increase for all of education; (2) work a compromise to restrict any funds to only those charter schools that meet the requirements of the true public schools; or in the event that the Republicans say "our way or no way" then (3) veto the bill. The veto could not be over-ridden thus the charter schools get no funding. No funding for the charters mean they go away since they only exist to make a profit. That leaves almost $500,000,000.00 for the public schools.

Anonymous said...

I am newly active in Medina County politics and I'll admit that my perspective is a bit objective. I do hope my objectivity won't be wrongly confused with ignorance. Although I am very happy about our recent national and statewide success, I am bitterly disappointed about Medina County's exclusion from that success. It looks to me like America had a big party for the Democrats and Medina County just didn't show up - notwithstanding some of the self-congratulatory back patting that I keep hearing about. 3 out of 4 of our very own lost their race this past election day. Suggesting that this dismal rate of success was, well, a success is disturbing and counterproductive in my view.

Our failure to elect John Dean, Lori Henry and Jack Schira in a macro environment that could have and perhaps even should have swept all of them into office is clearly unacceptable - at least to me. To have had a local defacto incumbent (Ms. Henry) actually lose their position in what might have been a once per generation pro democratic wave is particularly galling. I believe that robust organizations are built from the ground up, (down there by the grass roots) and that building a strong foundation of elected and appointed Democrats here at home is the most apparent and important area of improvement that we could chose moving forward.

Our opponents in Medina County clearly understand the difference between failure and success. It is the fundamental reason why they continue to dominate us. They certainly don't hold an advantage in policy, performance or personality. Yes, name recognition is an important factor, but Marc Dann just beat Betty Montgomery, and Jack Schira who has been on nearly every even-year ballot in the past decade just lost to a candidate who had not. If name recognition alone carried the day, every mayor in America would be named Smith or Jones.

I believe that real success is achievable right here in Medina County, and that our choice to begin that journey could occur today. However, that journey will only begin when we can accurately assess our current local position, which this cycle was a lousy batting average of just .250.

Thank you Lori Henry!
Thank you John Dean!
Thank you Jack Schira!

Congratulations Mary Kovack!

I watched each of you work under enormous stress and all of you have my admiration and thanks.