Thursday, November 23, 2006

MCDAC Newsletter for 11.24.2006

Newsletter changes

You may have noticed that we are linking more and more to the MCDAC blog. We are doing this because we keep running into problems with "spam" detectors on various e-mail servers. If we are above a certain size, or if we have too may links, then the spam detectors block our newsletters. This leads to us having to re-configure and then re-send them. This increases our expense. Therefore, what we are now doing is posting items on our blog and linking to the items. We apologize for any inconvenience that this causes, but we don't see any other realistic alternative. Thank you for reading MCDAC's Democratic Newsletter.

Changes to

We have made some changes to the Dem TV website. We are now hosting it on Blogger, which is the same service we use for the MCDAC Blog. Check it out and let us know what you think! If you are a Democratic officeholder, candidate, or oganization and have some videos you want to display, send them to us at

Ted Strickland Transition Team


Gov. Elect Strickland has opened up a website for his transition. At the website, you can sign up to be a volunteer on the transition and/or submit information to be considered for a position.
The link to the site is:
Rep. Michael Skindell
Why Local Campaigns Often Fail
Check out our posting on our blog about the 2Ms that local campaigns often seem to be missing:
Reader Submission: General Abizaid's Testimony Raises Questions
Reader Kim Kendall has some thoughts about General Abizaid's testimony before Congress this past week. Article link:


Read the articles and links section of the Newsletter at

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