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Democratic Newsletter for November 3, 2006

MCDAC Democratic Newsletter

Only 4 Days Left Until November 7th, election.

Sherrod Brown Rally in Wadsworth

On Saturday, October 28, between 125-150 Medina County Democrats rallied in Wadsworth in support of Sherrod Brown, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator from Ohio. Before Sherrod arrived, the crowd greeted local candidates such as John Dean running for Medina County Commissioner, Judge Mary Kovack running for re-election as Medina County Domestic Relations Judge, and Attorney Clair Dickinson who is running for the Ninth District Court of Appeals. After a rousing introduction from Pam Miller, Medina County Democratic Chair, Sherrod fired up the crowd by pointing out that he is drawing sharp distinctions between his record and that of incumbent Senator Mike DeWine. Sherrod reminded the crowd that on the War in Iraq, stem cell research, outsourcing American jobs, and health care, he, and not DeWine is the candidate who represents the majority view in Ohio.

The rally was organized by Marti Hallstrom from Wadsworth and Julie Batey, head of the Wadsworth Democratic group. If you want to get involved with the Wadsworth Dems and help turn Wadsworth "blue", contact Julie at

Fran Strickland at Medina Dem HQ

On Wednesday evening, November 1, 60 to 70 Medina County Dems showed up at Medina County Dem HQ to greet Ohio's next first lady, Fran Strickland, as she worked the phones to get out the vote in Medina County. Fran's appearance marked the beginning of our efforts to maximize the Medina County vote for Ted Strickland, Sherrod Brown, and the rest of the Democratic ticket. There is still time to get involved with the GOTV effort. To find out how you can get involved, contact David Brown at

DeWine Draws Six at Medina County GOP HQ

According to a story in the October 29th edition of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Mike DeWine had six people show up at the Medina County GOP Headquarters to take part in a canvass in Medina. The DeWine event was at the same time as the Sherrod Brown rally which drew between 125 and 150. Hmm, wonder which side has the enthusiasm this election?

Medina County Young Dems Election Night Party

The Medina County Young Democrats are having an election night party at Buffalo Wild Wings on Route 18 in Medina starting at 8 pm on November 7th. Everyone is invited and you may bring a guest. The party will be in the backroom of the restaurant. For more information contact Amanda Armstrong at

Iraq Articles

George Will refers to Iraqi War as a "fiasco" in an article blasting Cheney.

Audit finds that Bush administration cannot account for thousands of missing firearms in supposedly intended for the Iraqi security forces.

Iraqi War features prominently in Dem ads against Republicans in races for the U.S. House and Senate.

American military taking orders from Iraqi government.

Other Articles

Wal-Mart fires the ad-man who came up with the anti-Harold Ford "Bimbo" ad in Tennessee.

Dems seek to make the 2006 elections a referendum on the failed policies of George W. Bush.

Democrats expand the playing field in the 2006 campaign by buying tv time in seats once regarded as "safe" by the GOP.

Dispatch columnist blasts Republicans for their history of resorting to smears to win campaigns.

Ohioans are showing increasing interest in politics.

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