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Democratic Newsletter for November 10, 2006

MCDAC Democratic Newsletter for 11.10.2006

Medina County Unofficial Election Results

With all 150 precincts counted, the unofficial results show that Ted Strickland, Sherrod Brown, Richard Cordray, Jennifer Brunner, and Marc Dann all carried Medina County. Locally Domestic Relations Judge Mary Kovack won re-election by over 7,000 votes. A complete list of the unofficial results for Medina County can be viewed here:

Huge Increase in Medina County Vote for Governor

Just in case you are wondering if GOTV works consider these numbers. In 2002 Tim Hagen lost Medina County by over 10,000 votes and 47.048 voters voted in that race. In 2006 Ted Strickland carries Medina County by around 13,000 votes according to the unofficial results and 64,329 voters vote for governor. That is an increase of 17281 voters for a percentage increase of 36.7%. It was that increase in voters that led to five out of six partisan state-wide candidates winning Medina County. That is why GOTV is so important and why party chairs stress it so much. Thanks to all of you who participated in GOTV in Medina County!

The Return of Good Old-Fashioned Democratic Economic Populism

Sherrod Brown's successful campaign for the U.S. Senate was an example of using economic populism to win an election. A previous post at discussed what some Republican commentators call the rise of "Wal-Mart Republicans". The thesis is that Republicans use cultural issues to appear to be populists while selling out working and middle class families on economic issues. The way to counter such tactics is to do what Sherrod did: fight cultural populism with economic populism.

Speak out against unfair trade policies that care more about businesses making money from imports than saving American jobs. Speak out against a health system that is broken and not protecting American families. Speak out against a war that sends the sons and daughters of American families to die on the sands of the Middle East in support of failed policies.

Because Sherrod spoke of protecting Ohio's middle class families and because he campaigned everywhere in Ohio, he is out next United States Senator. He also deprived DeWine of the ability to turn middle class families against him on so-called "value" issues. Attempts to link Sherrod to culturally divisive issues such as abortion weren't successful. Why? Because Sherrod was giving Ohioans the choice of voting to oppose policies that are destroying the middle class. Hopefully other Ohio politicans will follow his example.

The Bullies were Beat

One of the worst things about Karl Rove's success has been the way he was praised by the national media. It wasn't just that they gave attention to a man who practices a mean brand of politics. The real harm was that Karl Rove's success encouraged other Republicans to try the same sort of tactics. Whether it was robocalls against Sherrod Brown and Ted Strickland or a nasty letter dropped on Judge Kovack the weekend before the election, the genesis was the same: a belief that all that matters is winning.

Well, here is a news flash for all the Republican bullies who model themselves on King Karl: the people are smarter than you think. You may have some short term success with those tactics, but eventually the people figure out that you are nothing more than a bully with an elephant pin.

MCDAC Report on the 2006 ElectionYear

In 2006 the Medina County Democratic Action Committee printed and distributed over 92,000 copies of Common Sense, averaging over 23,000 copies per issue. MCDAC sent over approximately 10,000 email messages per month. These messages included the weekly email Democratic Newsletter, messages on behalf of local candidates, and messages on behalf of the Medina County Democratic Party and allied organizations. None of this would have been possible without the help of our donors and volunteers. We had a great 2006 election year and look forward to being involved in the local elections of 2007.

Dem TV Project

This past summer MCDAC launched the Dem TV project. As of Saturday morning, November 4, 2006 there had been 3316 views of Dem TV video clips on You Tube. A survey of the numbers shows that shorter clips or clips involving national issues or candidates for national office are be viewed more often than other clips.

New Dem TV Clip

We have posted a new Dem TV clip called "Supreme Court Question". Check it out by going to and then clicking on the link. If you like the clip, please forward to your friends. Please feel free to send your comments about the clip to

Medina County's Newest Democrat?

Republican Medina County Commissioner Sharon Ray had her picture taken with Ted Strickland at some event. Then, miraculously, this picture was sent out by some newly created group that just happens to have a Republican chairperson. Apparently Sharon wanted to be identified with Ted's team and not with her own. We can certainly see why. Maybe she is thinking about a political conversion.

CNN Exit Poll for Ohio

CNN does exit polling for U.S. elections and then posts the results on the Internet. It has some very fascinating information. In Ohio, for example, Sherrod Brown took a majority of the votes from both men and women, running slightly better among women. He took a majority of the votes in all age categories. There is other information available. Check out the exit polls at

Interesting Articles/Links

Black voters tell the GOP "it isn't the color of a candidate's skin, its what he or she stands for" by rejecting high-profile black Republican candidates such as Blackwell.

In a 1999 war game played by U.S. military personnel called "Desert Crossing", the military was asked to assume that Saddam had been overthrown by a war. The goal of the game: figure out what happens next. The conclusion of the game? Even 400,000 troops wouldn't guarantee stability. How many did Rumsfeld put in Iraq? About 140,000. The incompetence of this administration would be laughable if it wasn't resulting in the deaths of Americans and Iraqis.

The incompetence of this adminstration is breathtaking. The latest example? The Bush Administration posted documents seized from Iraq giving instructions on how to build a nuclear bomb on the Internet in Arabiac. When this was pointed out by the New York Times, they took the information off the website. Of course the reason was it was posted was because of the insistence of House and Senate Republicans who were hoping that they would find information of Iraqis WMDs. By the way, it was posted over the objections of Negroponte, the National Intelligence Director.

Democrats take control of the U.S. House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi says that the clearest way that Bush could show his desire for a change is by firing Rumsfled, Bush announces Rumsfeld's "resignation" about 30 minutes later.

Here's a report about how the U.S. ignored warnings from the British that invading Iraq and toppling its government would lead to "chaos". Apparently the Blair government told those making the predications to stop making them during the run-up to the U.S. led invasion in 2003.

Was the 2006 mid-term election the "revenge of the left" or the "revenge of the center"? E. J. Dionne of the Washington Post poses that question in his analysis of what happened this past Tuesday.

Here was the Montgomery plan: she would drop out of the race for Governor and run for Attorney General. She would be the lone survivor of the Ken Blackwell slaughter and then she would run for Governor in 2010 and take out Ted Strickland. Well, something happened to that plan and it is named Marc Dann. Apparently Montgomery is so shocked that she isn't taking questions from the media. Couldn't happen to a nicer person.

This is why you fight everywhere and concede nothing to the GOP: Strickland courted rural Ohio; it paid off. Cleveland Plain Dealer. November 9, 2006.

With thousands of absentee and provisional ballots remaining to be counted, Deborah Pryce, Republican Congresswoman from Columbus wants her opponent to concede. Her opponent, Franklin County Commissioner Mary Kilroy refuses to do so pointing out that Pryce's lead is about 2,200 votes and the number of ballots left to count is around 15,000. What is with these Republicans not wanting to count all the votes?

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