Saturday, November 25, 2006

Being Bush Means Never Having to Take Responsbility

Josh Marshall, of, raises the question of whether Bush is walking away from Iraq. He points out that since the election Bush has been totally silent about Iraq and what is happening as a consequence of his war. (Here is the link to Marshall's article: ) This, of course, is not the first time that Bush created a mess and walked away from it. He bankrupted two businesses down in Texas, he left Texas to become President without dealing with some of the problems his programs were causing Texas, he has plunged America into multi-billion deficits without seeming to worry about how we are going to pay them off, and now he may be planning the same thing for Iraq. He has gotten away with such behavior because when you come from a powerful and rich family, you can avoid accountability.

Take a look at his history: He got into prep school and Yale because of his name. Turned down by the University of Texas for law school, he was able to get into Harvard's School of Business because of his name. He was able to get into the Texas Air National Guard because of his name. He was able to walk away from the aforementioned bankruptcies because of his name. He got elected as Texas's Governor because of his name. He got elected President because of his name. Do we see a pattern here? This is a person who has never had to clean up his own mess or even acknowledge that he created a mess. Unfortunately, this time in Iraq, however, it isn't investors' money that is being squandered, it is the lives of thousands of American military personnel and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis.

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Super Dave said...

The "Peter Principle" basis is that eventually a person rises to a place of responsibility which is beyond their capability to achieve success. Based on his resume, it appears GW Bush hit his "ceiling" somewhere in high school. It's one thing to "network" (actually it is a wise way to advance), but Bush's network moreso resembles a spider web. That is, his network captures everything he wants and then eventually destroys that collection.