Monday, September 29, 2008

Will Palin Have Daughter Wed Before Election?

It is not fun being Bristol Palin and having your Mom be Sarah Palin. First, Sarah Palin decided to announce to the whole world that her daughter was pregnant and that the father was her boyfriend Levi Johnston. This allowed the whole world to comment on Bristol and pre-marital sex. Now, according to the London Times, the Palin-McCain, opps, we meant, McCain-Palin, campaign is hoping that the young couple will wed before the November 4th election.

This is the headline of the Times article: McCain camp prays for Palin wedding. This is the sub-headline: The marriage of the vice-presidential candidate’s pregnant teenage daughter could lift a flagging campaign. Apparently, discussing her daughter's private and sexual life with the public and the media isn't enough. Now Sarah Palin wants to turn her daughter's wedding into a campaign event.

Other than to help the struggling GOP campaign, why in the world would she do that? It is hard enough getting married when you are pregnant, let alone having to do it in front of the entire world. No matter how much her mother is ticked off at her for getting pregnant out of wedlock, Bristol Palin doesn't deserve this.

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Anonymous said...

Arrrgh...does anyone really believe having 2 children wed is the cure all for this? This is terrible to force this onto these young kids for political gain.

If they were smart they wouldn't bring it up anymore at all. I for one have forgotten about this issue. Heck...Palin has brought up so much more to bury herself and all by herself. Her vocabulary alone is horrific.