Thursday, September 04, 2008

Reader Submission on Sarah Palin

I can’t possibly take John McCain seriously and no one else should. Does he really think that Sarah Palin can run a country? If anything just by accepting the nomination she is making a joke of it. At least Obama has the guts to surround himself with a running mate who has experience where he may be lacking. McCain surrounded himself with a hockey mom. Give me a break. I really don’t want a hockey mom leading my nation. This isn’t the Wild West any more. We don’t need an Annie Oakley riding shot gun over a nation that is at this moment the laughing stock of the world. I would have a problem with Palin going into negotiations with another country when she doesn’t know what her own kids are doing. Don’t call her super mom. I’m sure someone else is taking care of the kids. If she is, how can she devote herself to running a state full-time? The super mom is the single parent living below the poverty level working two jobs to make ends meet AND taking care of her kids. I doubt that parent has time to run a country. Please don’t call her courageous for having a Down Syndrome child either. Risks of parents over forty having a Down Syndrome child goes up dramatically. I call it irresponsible.

As for her pregnant daughter; if the shoe was on the other foot I’m sure the self-righteous conservatives would have a field day with it. All is game when you are in the public eye. Ask any movie star or Bill Clinton, for that matter. How do you think the seventeen year old, unwed, woman living in poverty reacts to an unexpected pregnancy? She may not have such an “understanding” or well off family to support her. I thought Palin was in favor of abstinence for teens. What is that old saying; do as I say, not as I do? So sorry Sarah, I would rather my daughter have a better role model.

Wake up America ! We need to get back on track. We need a leader, not a cowboy, a maverick or a hockey mom. Let’s put the United States back on the world map as a world class leader of nations again.

Vicki Luschek


Anonymous said...

Wonderful and very well written Vicki.
God Bless.

CeeJay said...

For me, how she deals with issues in her own life and with her own family is her business. Her family is off limits. There is much to attack without criticizing The Palin family situation . For me, it isn't what she is doing in her life that matters, it is what Republican policies will do to my life and the lives of other women. There are so many issues that are of great importance to women in this election. We can not afford to be sidetracked by the candidate's personal choices in life.

Anonymous said...

For me, one's issues in their "personal life" and their "personal history" is very important and IS TOO, most certainly our business when HER decision making skills effect "MY LIFE" and my children's future!!!!...It's been this way for 100's of years in politics for this very same reason. Suddenly we get someone WITH issues and it's off limits? PALEASE, give me a break...she smoked pot and inhaled and admits it and probably still does and IT is fine? Yet poor Bill got reamed? GIVE ME A BREAK..."Can't handle the heat??? How we conduct our personal lives is WHO we really are. Our mistakes mold WHO WE ARE and it's how we handle them and learn from them that mold who we become. Politics is not something to get into if you have a "continual" and irresponsibly "messy home". It's o.k. if Sara Palin has a "messy home" as long as it's DIRT is not dragged into my home. I have my own family's mess to contend with and work on without HER values or lack there of. I feel very bad for her daughter, who's mother felt it necessary to expose her and her unborn child to this in running for V.P. vs. helping her daughter through this time. Poor be exposed by this over and over again...while it's "hands off" she keeps bringing her and now the boyfriend on stage as if to say...they are getting married and THIS fixes everything??? What do THEY want? Her own newborn baby son with downs syndrome and special needs also needs her extremely right now too. So, perhaps all of us "co-soccer Moms" that claim to be "good Mom's" and pro-Palin fan's ought to do for her, as well as for her children a favor and NOT route her on like this. Be a good "soccer mom friend" and tell her to go home. Enjoy her family right now. We are aiding in these children to suffer even more. Heck...when that baby, during her speach appeared to be having it's eyes poked and being cared for by a 5 yr. old(?)with the entire Rep. convention watching Mom ONLY I was squirming worried for her dropping the baby, spitting on him AND poking in his eyes with her spit dirtied hands...Yet everyone else thought it so "cute"???. Dad was not even looking nor was anyone else. Anyone notice that this "Super Macho Dad/dude is never holding his newborn son really but only the daughters care for him AT ALL it seems? Dad is not as "maternal" caring after all, is he? How can 1/2 this Nation feel she CAN juggle all of this PROPERLY is beyond me. It's impossible, virtually impossible and I don't care WHO she is but the children aren't getting what they need. Put a bag over her head and see how far she gets. Even full time working Mom's know deep inside that their own children ARE missing out on "some things" when working 9-5. Mom's makes up for it on the weekends or in the evenings etc...So imagine being V.P. of the United States? YOU DON'T GET OFF AT 5 O.CLOCK ESPECIALLY IF OLD MAN MCCAIN GETS SICK OR KEELS OVER...Something has to give or is going to suffer...either her daughter, the babies or the NATION...Anyone that is a mother out there knows that when the sh** hits the fan...our children will come first, will always come first even if it means leaving the office due to illness and SOMETHING NOT GETTING DONE GOLLY. Mother's will lay down on train tracks for their children and I don't care HOW we cut it but a mother's instinct will always come first EVEN IF IT MEANS the job suffering. We cannot afford this to occur in the White House under ANY circumstances. regards to "privacy" if you can't keep your home tidy i.e. values, birth control and plain old common sense, then I find it hard to believe you can keep your office tidy. Imagine cleaning the White House eh? Don't get me wrong...I think Gov. Palin is a good person and as time goes by I actually think even more of her as a PERSON(but NOT as our Vice President for crying out loud).I would love to know her as a friend or as a neighbor, no doubt as many seem to be thinking as well. I actually share a major issue that she is being questioned and insulted about and "relate" to her as well. However to be taking IT as a reason to make her our poss. Commander and Chief? I "relate"? ARRRRGH...What is that? I relate? Are you freaking kidding me? I don't share the fact that she is being questioned in the corruption and the abuse/misuse of power that IS under investigation This woman IS vendictive and INTENDS to overide McCain already in the drilling issues. He WILL become a battered "dude" too, just wait and see. Not hard to do when he's slobbers over her like he does. I also NEVER had to hide my pregnancY as she HAS. Has anyone asked her why she felt it necessary to hide (be decceitful) this recent pregnancy AND WHAT are her plans now for any MORE children? I know, this is a no no to ask this on a "job resume" and WE THE PEOPLE are doing the interview process, but this is OUR LIVES at stake here for Pete's sake. Even the PTA position is pushing it as far as I am concerned with her problems and lack of values. Harper Valley PTA comes to mind when thinking about Sara Palin. Being JUST a working Mom/Grandma myself and working full time is a very full life and adding much more than that would not be fair to either my job or my children and husband.

So..yeah, o.k. I vote YES...Soccer Mom of the year? Sara Palin you have my vote. It stops there for your own good and that of your children AND OURS.

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