Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Democratic Presidents Outperform Republicans on Job Growth

David Fiderer, a former banker who now works as a journalist, wrote an article for Huffington Post that points out that job creation under Democratic Presidents far exceeds job creation under Republicans. Here is a quote from his article:

No Republican President -- not Eisenhower, not Nixon, not Reagan, not Bush -- has ever created more jobs, or created jobs at a faster rate, than his Democratic predecessor. It's not even close. The contrast has been especially stark over the past 16 years, when 23.1 million jobs were created under Clinton and less than 5 million were created under Bush. On average, job growth under Democrats is more than twice that under Republicans.

What makes this statistic even more impressive is that since 1948, Democratic presidents have been in office 24 years compared to 36 years for Republicans. Here is a graphic example of the difference in total job creation:

Parents all over America are worried about their kids getting jobs when they get out of school. Democrats need to spread this simple message: "Our policies create more jobs than Republican policies."

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