Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sherrod Brown Raises Keating Five Scandal

Sherrod Brown went after Senator John McCain on the economy and, in making the attack, raised the issue of the Keating Five scandal which involved John McCain and four other Senators. The scandal was wrapped up in the savings and loan meltdown of the 1980s. Here is Sherrod's quote, as reported by Sam Stein of Huffington Post:

"His main adviser is Phil Gramm -- he was his mentor in the Senate -- and you just tie it all together. Of course John McCain supported the oil industry, he has oil lobbyists working for him. Of course John McCain supported these trade agreements, he has got Wall Street people working for him... It is all wrapped up together. John McCain is a creature of these interest groups in Washington. He is no maverick and, from the Keating Five on, his ethics have been questionable. He's not a maverick and Barack has got to just keep hammering on that."

Sherrod went on to say the following:

"On every major issue John McCain supports the wealthiest groups in Washington and Barack Obama fights for the middle class. Elections are simple and it's as simple as that"

You can read more about Sherrod's comments here.

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NorthernMedinaDem said...

Great point. When canvassing, or making phone calls I can use this with folks who are undecided, and state the economy is their biggest worry. I was on the phone with a lady earlier this week who mentioned the AIG bailout. I actually understand why the Fed Res chose to bail them out, rather than Lehman Bros....but the current crisis can trace it's roots to the S&L crisis of '87...thanks McShame.