Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Why Local Non-Partisan Elections Are Important in Medina County

Medina County Democrats need to make a concerted effort next year, 2009, to find good candidates to run for local offices such as township trustee, village council, school board, city council, and mayor. Most of these races in Medina County are non-partisan. In fact, only Wadsworth has partisan local elections. Yet these offices are important because they can be a source of candidates for county and state offices.

Right now there are five Republican office-holders who started their political careers in local government. They are all three county commissioners, the county treasurer, and the county recorder. Of those five positions, four were elected in non-partisan races.

This is how Medina County Democrats need to recruit local candidates:

1. Contact Medina County local Democrats and make them aware of what offices are up for election and which ones are currently held by Democrats and which ones are not;

2. Ask them to run for local office;

3. Help them set up their campaigns; and

4. Give them advice and counsel while they are campaigning.

It is past time for Medina County Democrats to make a concerted effort to win elections at the local level. Since Republicans don't regard these races as "non-partisan", there is no reason why Democrats should.

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