Sunday, February 04, 2007

Columbus Dispatch: GOP Sued Brunner, not Strickland in Veto Lawsuit

According to this article in the Columbus Dispatch,, the leaders of the General Assembly sued Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner and not Governor Strickland over his first day veto of the bill limiting damages in consumer lawsuits. This is a very interesting point that a lot of news organizations are not picking up on in their stories. Our guess is that they are suing Brunner because it is an easier lawsuit legally and because Strickland's popularity is high enough that the GOP doesn't want to go toe to toe with him over this issue. Another reason may be that Jon Husted, the House Speaker, reportedly has state office ambitions and maybe he wants to run against Brunner.

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Anonymous said...

The actual reason should be that the Secretary of State is the officer entrusted with the keeping and recording of all Ohio laws. Since the suit is actually a matter of whether the bill has or has not become law by Taft's decision and whether the bill could or could not be returned to the Ohio House, it's the Secretary of State's actions and not the Governor's that are at issue.

It's a technical legal issue, but even as a Democrat I have to admit the Republicans made the right decision in who they were supposed to sue. If they had sued Strickland, I hope Dann would have recognized the problem and gotten it kicked out of court for suing an improper party.