Sunday, April 04, 2010

Republicans Who Oppose Health Care Reform Don't Care......

If medical insurance companies deny coverage to both adults and children for pre-existing conditions;

If millions of Americans are pushed into bankruptcy because of unpaid medical bills, bills that are either unpaid because the people couldn't afford insurance or because they exhausted their insurance benefits;

If medical insurance companies can raise rates with impunity;

If millions of Americans can't afford health insurance;

If medical insurance companies rescind policies when claims are made; or

If small businesses can't afford medical insurance coverage.

How do I know this? Because they are working to repeal the health insurance reform act which addresses all of these problems. Because in the six years that they controlled the Congress and the White House, they didn't do one damn thing to address these problems. Not one.

In the final analysis, those Republicans just don't care what happens to the millions of Americans who can't afford health insurance under the present system. Their attitude, by the way, is why I am not a Republican.


Anonymous said...

Thatis exactly the truth.They just don't care. Even when it's family members that are Republican vs. myself a Democrat one had actually said this to me? :-( Now joining tea parties? what are they thinking? I would not mind knowing what the Republican's that "don't" have insurance due to THEIR jobs cutting their health care program or whom are self employed and cannot afford it think though? Hmmm? How do we find THOSE Republican's?

Greg Birosh said...

Well ... there are a few problems with this post, so please allow me to disect them.

First, it's not that we don't care about reforming the health care system in America. I, personally, have said this for years. Yes, our current system, while still the best, could be much better.

It's that we simply don't care for the way President Obama and the Democrats went about it. Mr Obama said this was going to be the most "transparent Administration in history." And yet they went about health care reform behind closed doors for the most part. He secured some of his votes with what others have called "bribes."

Poll after poll has consitantly shown that the majority of Americans we not in favour of the health care reform package as presented by the Democrats, yet they didn't listen to their constituents.

If you're going to perpetrate the lie that we "don't care," I'm going to ask that you prove it.

Everything on my blog is verified and sourced. Links are given in the body of the post ... usually at the end. But I see this here that we don't care ... and no sources whatsoever are given.

If you're going to make such claims, you should at least source them.

I leave you with this: If you're going to bound me by a certain set of rules, that's great. I've no problem in playing by the rules. After all, there must be rules or society becomes lawless.

My problem is when I am forced to live by one set of rules, and yet others feel that those same rules do not apply to them.

During the Bush years (and for the record, I also am on record for having opposed Mr Bush during his final years) the Democrats had no problem in calling him "Bushitler" and painting signs that depicted him having been beheaded. Many Democrats had no problem with that. When Obama was pictured as the Joker, the Democrats went nuts. Yet those same Democrats aplauded when Vanity Fair pictured Mr Bush as the Joker on 29-JUL-2008. Double standard?

Here's that link: And so I ask again:

Double standard?

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