Saturday, February 06, 2010

Job Losses Under Bush and Obama

Below is a chart prepared by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office showing job losses under Bush and Obama since December of 2007. The point is obvious: Fewer jobs have been lost since Obama took office as compared to the final year of Bush's second term. Since both the media and Republicans are factually challenged, we are not sure how much play this will get, but we thought we should share it with our readers.

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BoxCar said...

Google "Solar Mortality Theory" to
see Modern History defined and read
"Origins of Genocide" where todays
Great Recession was predicted Jan
2006 to begin precisely on 2007.5

Point is, it don't matter WHO is in
the White House and OBAMA cannot be
blamed for continuation of economic
distress, it's already WRITTEN-
Google "Mortgage Resets" to see
whats ahead- rest of a hurricane
we wukk call the "Great Recession" Feds were right to say recession is over- we're in EYE of the STORM
where its all BLUE SKY (for now)

First postwar baby boomer (born
late 1946) retired at age 62 in
late 2008- anything happen then?
Last postwar baby boomer (born
late 1963 retires 17yrs later.
Means we have until 17+2008=2025
before we're thru this crapola'

Want to blame anyone, try asking
WHO'S idea is it to have multi-
birth families again & again?
Thats the party which s/b held
ACCOUNTABLE for their policy as
it ensures destruction of Earth.
Ask Sinead O'conner WHO? she knows