Thursday, January 07, 2010

When a Democratic Congressman Votes Like a Republican, Dems Apparently Shouldn't Get Mad

This is one of the comments to a previous post about John Boccieri possibly getting a primary opponent from the left over the issue of health care reform:

Isn't it nice that a supposed democratic blog/website is being used to undercut our democratic congressman in one of the most highly competitive districts in the country. I'm sure Jim Renacci will be much more aligned with MCDAC's health care positions than John Boccieri.....

So let's see if have this right: Boccieri can come to Medina County, assure Medina County Democrats he supports health care reform, accept campaign contributions from Medina County Dems, have us work for him by canvassing for him, putting up yard signs, etc., but, when he turns around and votes like a Republican on health care reform, we aren't supposed to be upset with him?

Hey, here's a question for the anonymous person who posted the above comment: Why aren't you upset with Boccieri for voting against the health care reform bill? Why is your anger directed at this blog and not at Boccieri?

Since we have noticed that everytime we post a story on Boccieri, there are people who read it through the United States House of Representatives' servers, could it be it is because you work for the Congressman?


Anonymous said...

*L* Wow, apparently MCDAC doesn't like to see criticism as much as it likes to hand it out. I've only been in Medina County 40+ years so I guess I could "work for the congressman".

MCDAC is a political blog/website. Surely the people who write it must see what the strategy is here for one of the most highly competitive congressional seats in the country. The folks at MCDAC shouldn't allow their personal situations to dictate that they use their blog/website to attack the first Democratic congressman in this district in 40 years.

If MCDAC is going to use its voice to advocate for personal concessions of its founders, let us know that. But if it's going to claim to represent Medina County Democrats, than advocate for Medina County Dems rather than tear them down. And have the decency to change the name.

Team Member said...

This is how it works: The MCDAC is a political action committee organized under Ohio law. We aren't funded by the Medina County Democratic Party. We have never claimed that we speak for the Medina County Democratic Party.

Second, the decision by Boccieri to vote against the health care bill is bad politics as well as bad policy. Republicans who are opposed to the health care bill are going to oppose him no matter what he does or doesn't do, but if he opposes the health care bill, he loses the opportunity to run against his Republican opponent on that issue. Further, he is losing support among people who supported him precisely because he was supposedly for health care reform.

Third, what good is a Democratic congressman if he or she votes like Ralph Regula on critical issues?

Anonymous said...

amen...not only should we hold dems to the same standard we hold republicans, we should hold them to a higher standard. If i had wanted someone who voted like kirk schuring when it really mttered, i would have voted for kirk schuring. John should be held to the standard he set for himself when he campaigned as a progressive. this argument that john is "with us" on everything but this vote sound very familiar to the argument that joe lieberman was making in 2006 when he was with us on everything but Iraq. of course, joe has had to amend that to include health care, torture, banking and presidential campaigns.
BTW, this blog has started to make news in stark co since the story about john getting a primary poped up on BSB. I like what you are doing...keep it up.