Thursday, January 15, 2009

Voinovich Only Shows Guts Where Dems Are Involved

We were never wild about the choice of Tim Geithner for Treasury Secretary. His background seemed to be that of a person too close to the financial services industry to suit us. One of the big problems in the financial services industries is that the people who run it are too infatuated with their own brilliance to suit us. They also possess an arrogance that only comes from being able to control huge sums of money that others have earned. They seem to think that the rules don't apply to them.

The revelation that Geither didn't pay all his taxes only reinforces our opinion. He comes across as a guy who believes that he the rules don't apply to him. So if his nomination was defeated, we wouldn't be heartbroken.

Having said that, however, we find the attacks on him by Republicans like George Voinovich to be just a tad off putting. When the Bushies were lying about weapons of mass destruction, allowing Americans to die after Hurricane Katrina, passing tax cuts that plunged us into huge deficits, where was Voinovich?

As a member of Bush's own party, his criticisms would have carried some weight. Yet, while he was somewhat critical of Bush's tax cuts, he voted for them. He voted for the war in Iraq and voted against resolutions to end the war. He was a typical Republican "moderate" voicing concerns about Bubble-Boy's policies, but, in the end, enabling him by voting his way in the House or Senate.

Now, though, that's there a Democrat in the White House, Georgie has found his voice. Now, he is unafraid to speak truth to power. Pardon us for not being impressed.


Anonymous said...

Truth be told though...If you can't handle your own finances/pay your own bills or taxes i.e. do your ow laundry, then how can this person be respected and accepted to handle the Nations laundry?

Anonymous said...

Hay...not ALL people in the financial services industry arrogant. That's like saying all people of a single color are less than??? :-(
There are those of us that have been in the industry 30-40 yrs. and saw this coming, blew the whistle, yelled and kicked and screamed all the way. The looseness only came around since Bubble Boy was around. Hmmm????

Anonymous said...

I'm so tired of these fake fiscal conservatives. The latest phoney is Republican lobbyist Neil Clark who isn't paying his taxes, even though he's a milionaire. A transcript of his accountant's deposition that lays out the missing money is here: