Saturday, June 14, 2008

MCDAC Survey on Clinton for VP

We surveyed the readers of our weekly email newsletter on whether they favored or opposed Hillary Clinton being the Democratic Vice-Presidential nominee. By a margin of 57.4% to 37.5% they favored Senator Clinton being the VP nominee.

Every time we run a survey on Barack or Clinton, we find that our readers have very definite feelings about them. This survey was no exception.

Below are some comments from our readers who participated in this survey:

She knows what our country needs to surivive

I think Obama should go his own way. Many people were attracted to Barak because he is a change from the Clinton and Bush dynasties.

We know nothing about this man. She should be her own WOMAN and stay away from him.

She needs to fight all the way to the convention.

I would prefer Hillary-Obama, but if I can't have it, the opposite would do, and be precedent setting!

This is the ONLY way Obama will have any kind of a chance of winning.

IF he will give her a major role in his administration and she can follow his lead - it would be a win/win for the country. And WJC can't be involved.

She should be president/he, vice president. Then it would work...oh my how the world would change.

It is the only way I will vote for Obama. I just don't like the guy.

Many people have called our office and will not vote or switch to R. So if they are both on ticket perhaps It will be a good thing

As a Barack fan, I was in favor of Hillary being on the ticket, but with this party threatening behavior of the last day, I think she should be tossed

bad idea!

It's the only way they will get my vote.

NO, she has not improved her negatives. She will cost more votes than she will gain. She and Bill have been too negative and given the RNC material

An excellent team!!! They both shared much of the same ideas and hopes.

That would not balance the ticket, Obama needs someone with strong executive skills, a CEO or a general.

Definitely not. She is a blue dog Democrat. Barbara Boxer would be a better choice or Dennis Kucinich !

Why not, it's seems like a winning ticket to me. It's a good way to bring the party together and to draw out votes from many who never voted before.
It's possibly the only way I'd vote for Obama. And I know many other Democrats who feel that way.

Unfortunately, racism and sexism are real. So we will need to add a white male to the ticket.

Still would prefer it the other way around to give him some actual experience and training, but hope he is smart enough to do this! You go, girl

ABSOLUTELY NO. BARACK must be free to take the world in a new direction without the CLINTONS. She IS NOT the FIRST woman to run for president!

John Edwards.

Of course she'll "consider" the vice presidency. Screw her!

Their agendas compliment each other.Together they can win this election and undo what has been done in the last 8 years.I do not want a 3rd Bush term.

Although I would rather that she was named Secretary of State.

Those two together would give us the best of both worlds, and hopefully, Hillary could negotiate for a strong VP role.

Together you're looking at over 40 million votes. And Bill should be included. 3 heads are better than none (GWBush).

It would be better of it was Hillary P and Obama VP.

As she said: Remember Bobby!

That is probably the only way he can beat McCain. She has a lot of backing. Lot of people don't care for Obama.

I think it would be great. We need to beat the "R's" and get this great country new leadership.

ABSOLUTELY! She will then have the chance to truly show Americans what a great leader she will be.

I voted in favor, with this caveat: Former President Clinton must give up his investment dealings with foreign nations. And he must be reined in.

This is Obama's decision. It seems like she is forcing herself on him. I loved the Clintons back in the 90's. I now have grown tired of them.

I still want a woman for Pres in my lifetime, but I guess VP will have to do. I still hold hope that those super delegates will change their minds!

Would go against everything Obama has campaigned on over the last nine months.

I favor Clinton for VP. This is what the county needs. A historic time for all American's. Change come's with time and America is forever changing.

It's up to Obama.

He needs her for five reasons: Ohio, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan, Florida!

I think she needs to run until the convention. She hasn't lost it yet.

The selection of Hillary as his running-mate is the ONLY way that I will vote for Barack as President. Without her, I do not intend to vote at all.

We can at least get that one step closer to having a female President. I think they could be a great team.

Too divisive and her illegal commodities deal will come back to haunt her. There are at least two highly qualified lady governors who would be great.

She has the poplular vote. I will vote for McCain before I vote for Obama for President.

Selling out!! Is there no pride or character left in our leaders? Picture dinner with Bill, Wright & Farakan? And i am a Hillary supporter!!!

of course it is up to obama to pick his running mate but if he feels comfortable with so do

Wouldn't it be great to have them both?

Needs his own person. Not someone with an agenda.

only way to unite the party and get the women who support Hillary to vote in November

Hillary should be the VP and then tackle health care

Hillary as VP would "accomodate" those (like me) who voted for her in the primary. Barack will be elected with Hillary on board!

If we can't have Hilary AND Bill. We'll take Hilary any way we can. What a strong ticket!

A Vice Presidential candidate virtually means nothing once the candidate is elected and becomes president- help for democratic image during election

This would become the "Dream Team".

I oppose, not because I have any particular dislike for her, but because I think another VP candidate might be more help in defeating John McCain.

Unite the party!

I favor assuming this will capture most of Clinton supporters for Obama and a win in November. Any other VP option that can provide this unity?

Obana & Clinton would probably be the best democratic team to win the presidency

Slightly favor. With or without her I think we are facing a tougher fight than most folks do. Like it or not, the short road to unity is through her.

It would never work, she would never take back seat to Obama nor would Obama be able to handle her. lcole.

I think it would be a marriage from hell,with obama as the DEVIL!!

Sounds like the dream ticket to me. Obama and Clinton are virtually identical on policy issues. It may be the only way to unite the Democrats.

No way. He is the candidate of change, she represents status quo. She brings nothing to the ticket. She should stick with the Senate.

let's move on. it's time to get past the clintons.

If this is true NOW is the time to put it together so the Democratic voters can support them both in November. Seems like a "no brainer" to me.

United we stand, divided we fall....

I said it before: Dick Cheney has been running this country for the past 7+ years...

I would rather Hillary be President, but the only way I will vote for Barack is if she is on the ticket.

It would be something between a "dream ticket" and a marriage made in hell. It would probably win the presidency, though.

I have been wrong about VP candidates before, but can't see this happening. Although this is a great ticket, both have too many negs. Hope for Dodd.

If JFK could take LBJ in 1960 to win the presidency, then Obama can take Clinton in 2008.

I want Obama to pick whoever will do the most to help him win in November.

That's the only way Barack Obama will get my vote. Although I'm a lifelong Democrat, I'll vote for McCain in November otherwise.

She has passionate supporters who will guarantee a win in Nov, if Barack does not team with her, he might still win but we'll lose down ticket races

I grudgingly support it, for the good of working towards getting the majority in november only.

She's run a despicable "kitchen sink" campaign. She has purposely weakened Obama for the GE. That said, I would still vote for him with her on ticket.

Now she is talking the talk....when she should have walked the walk.....Perhaps John Edwards?

Dont trust the Clintons!

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Anonymous said...

Clinton will not be the VP! She shut the door when she made a reference to Bobby Kennedy's assassination; when she said that McCain And I Have Passed "Commander-In-Chief Threshold"; and don't get me started on the sniper fire.. Finally, Ask yourself, what will Bill be doing?